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This colorful cookbook includes over 80 Korean vegetarian recipes, 75 of which can be made vegan, with a photograph for each recipe as an added guide. Moreover, each recipe is marked with gluten-free, nut-free, spicy, and vegan tags to provide a helpful guide for your dietary preferences. With suggested substitution ingredients, tips, and variations, you can enjoy cooking and eating Korean dishes in multiple ways in the comfort of your own home. 


This book is for anyone with an interest in Korean cuisine who wants to incorporate a more plant-based diet in their lives. Whether you make a quick weeknight dinner for yourself or cook up a feast for family and friends, enjoy the full range of Korean flavors, from subtle and mild to deep and vivid—and everything in between—from the flexible, versatile recipes with clearly laid-out steps in this book. 

         Banchan Story YouTube Channel


We are adding short and simple cooking videos on how to cook Korean food at home using ingredients that are easy to obtain. It will include make-ahead tips, cooking tips on getting the best flavors in simple steps, storage tips, and more! Join us on our Youtube Channel and subscribe. We'd love to share this journey with you and help you make your dinner table a little more flavorful.


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Shin's full-color cookbook includes 30 Korean vegetarian recipes (25 of which can be made vegan). From her home favorites to dishes inspired by her experience with Korean Buddhist temple cuisine, find simple and flavorful recipes, along with a photo for each recipe, that proudly feature vegetables at the center.


All of the recipes are updated for home cooks in the U.S., and are tagged for common dietary concerns such as vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free, and spicy for easy reference.


You will be able to mix and match different seasonings and ingredients from the recipes in this cookbook and beyond, so you can cook Korean dishes with a few essential Korean ingredients and locally available vegetables!

Korean Buddhist Cooking Online Course


Calling home cooks everywhere: engage with the guiding principles of Korean Buddhist cooking at the dinner table and in daily life by whipping up delicious vegetarian dishes.


Together with Tricycle Buddhist Magazine, we developed a 4-chapter online course to introduce you to the values and history of Korean temple cuisine. To round off each lesson, Zen teacher Bo-Mi offers a dharma talk, or “kitchen contemplation,” to deepen your connection to Buddhist teachings on clarity of mind, gratitude, interconnection, and nonattachment—and to help you develop a healthy relationship to food, cooking, and eating.

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